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Micro Expressions Solutions

Much is shown that is never seen. Much is said that is never heard.

Micro Expressions Solutions specialise in unobtrusive, Truth, Lie and Deception Detection training services which is offered to individuals, companies in the private as well as the corporate sectors.

The following 2018 courses are offered by Micro Expressions Solutions: 

Last updated: 1-12-2017

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a) Certificate Master Programme Course in:

Micro Expressions, Nonverbal Communication /  Body Language and Deception Detection

Read more here about the Certificate Master Programme Course in Micro Expressions, Nonverbal Communication / Body Language and Deception Detection.


The Micro Expressions, Nonverbal Communication / Body Language and Deception Detection Certificate Master Programme Course can be attended as a 3-day seminar or a self study option is also available.


b) Diploma Course in:

  Deceptionology and SCAPE  (Statement Credibility Assessment and Practical Evaluation.)

Read more here about the Diploma Course in Deceptionology and SCAPE.


Training is presented to individuals or groups to analyse Micro Expressions, Body Language, Nonverbal Communication, Paralinguistics, Word Usage clues and Emotional Expressions.  


Become a Micro Expressions, Body Language & Deception Detection Expert  Read More >>>

Micro Expressions Solutions is one of the very few Micro Expressions, Body Language, Deception Detection & Nonverbal Communication Truth & Lie Detection training facilities of its kind in the world - as well as the only IMEXA Accredited and Credentialed training facility not only in South Africa but the Southern Hemisphere.  

Macro Expressions as well as the very subtle, brief and involuntary facial Micro Expressions which often times go unnoticed are extensively covered in our courses. Furthermore paralinguistic styles, tone of voice and hand to face gestures all reveal vital information mostly undetected by the untrained eye and ear in detecting lies and deception. 


You will be able to visually detect Micro Expressions and verbally detect unique words & phrases in written or verbal statements through our own unique method called SCAPE. (Statement Credibility Assessment and Practical Evaluation.)


Faces, bodies and the spoken word never lie. Behavioural cues can be found in very subtle intensities that a person may be busy telling a lie or hiding something with the intention to deceive or mislead the victim.


The human face contains 44 muscles that can show isolated and specific facial Macro and Micro Expressions as well as various emotions such as: Pain, Distrust, Attraction, Enjoyment, Shame, Guilt, Embarrassment, Awe, Despair, Ecstasy, Skepticism, Distress, Amusement, Excitement, Pride, Relief, Satisfaction and Sensory Pleasure to name but a few.


However there are 7 main universal facial expressions which are the same throughout the world regardless of race, country or culture.  They are Fear, Disgust, Anger, Happiness, Sadness, Surprise and Contempt.  


At Micro Expressions Solutions the individual is equipped to look beyond Micro Expression observations to detect lies, deception and misleading behaviour. Many times the clues are concealed and not falsified - not in what is said, but rather in what is not said - not in what is shown, but in what is not shown.


For example; a person being questioned may not volunteer vital information to you since they will only tell you what they want you to know (concealment). This however could leave you, the listener, with a misconception, or even create further confusion when they fail to correct pre-existing misconceptions.  This is called ‘Lying by omission’.  


It can be much more challenging to detect lying, dishonesty and deception with a person that may have had enough time to properly prepare their lies and work out their story to near perfection.  If the person telling the lie actually believes what they tell you to be the truth, it is not really a lie to them anymore and they may actually seem to start believing their own lies.  This could influence their facial Micro Expressions as well as the truth, lie and deception detection process.


There are many more examples of the different types of lies and lying techniques which are covered in the “Micro Expressions & Truth & Lie Detection” study programmes.


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Also take a look at the Deceptionology Diploma incorporating SCAPE.

The world's most advanced Statement Analysis Tool incorporating the Practical Evaluation part.

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Our Services

Micro Expressions Solutions uses the latest techniques in Micro Expressions analysis. With careful observations we can train a person to detect Lying, Deception and other forms of dishonesty amongst staff, clients, suppliers and managerial teams.

For example; a competitor suddenly launched a brilliant marketing strategy or product idea that your company has been developing over a period of time. The possibility exists that an employee leaked this vital information. With the proper training, knowledge and skills acquirement offered by us it might be possible to identify the persons involved.


Understanding Micro Expressions and Nonverbal Communication will be of immense value during pre employment screening interviews.  This is a great additional and useful skill for any HR Manager or recruitment agency personnel. You will be much better equipped to distinguish between honest and dishonest applicants without them even being aware that they would not be able to deceive you.


Included in the training material are discussion methods as well as clues to deceit that would be easily detectable during an interview. It is a disturbing reality that many people blatantly lie and misinform, for example - their future employer by either adding false credentials or withholding vital information, especially in the current economical climate.


We will show you how to subtly question, listen to voice and word usage clues as well as gestures to determine if someone is being honest with you.  We will help you correctly interpret not only possible lies but also the truth.


Micro Expressions Solutions’ nonverbal communication private training seminars and self study course will also equip and assist you and your company with departmental or internal investigations.


Our interviewing methods for lie,  truth and deception detection are unobtrusive and no Polygraph testing machines or any other instruments are required or used. No FBI style interrogation methods are applied.  No intimidation, fear or shock tactics are employed and this ensures that the person being interviewed will unknowingly be far more co-operative since they are not intimidated or coupled to foreign devices.  


Micro Expressions Solutions places a very high regard on human dignity and it is expected of every student undertaking this self study programme to always treat every person being interviewed or questioned with the highest regard, guilty or not.


The cost of a Polygraph test or Digital Voice Stress Analysis may be prohibitive for smaller companies.  The value of the Micro Expressions & Nonverbal Communication programme will surely proof to be a great asset for every individual and company who chooses to follow this route.


We also offer assistance with regards to serious high profile cases relating to any of the following:

Workplace Dishonesty, Fraudulent Insurance Claims, Fraud, Arson, Deceiving and Misleading Staff Behaviour.


If you require more information about assisting your internal investigation at your company to offer valuable assistance then feel free to contact us.


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Did you know?

A Micro Expression is an involuntary, slight and brief expression on a human's face when a person is trying to deliberately hide or suppress an emotion. It will mostly occur in high stakes situations when a person has something to lose or gain.  It can easily be missed and most investigators don't see it at all - not because they can't, they just don't know what to look for.


Micro Expressions are not as scientific and psychological in nature as many people tend to believe.  Anyone can gain the knowledge to identify Micro Expressions and acquire the necessary knowledge to properly interpret it if they commit themselves.  You do not need to be a Psychologist or a Scientist to be able to properly understand and utilise it. 


It very easy to think of a lie, but it is not easy to effectively communicate it.  We use one part of our brain to tell the truth and three parts to lie.


Unlike regular facial expressions, very few people can fake a Micro Expression.


For every lie told up to three additional lies have to be created to support the first lie.  So lying becomes increasingly difficult to maintain since the lies have to increase exponentially.  An individual will need to be an Oscar winning actor with super human memory capabilities to maintain constant lying.  People telling the truth does not go through that rationalisation process since they can recall their facts by memory.


Some muscles that are used for facial and Micro Expressions are subconsciously controlled and that makes it nearly impossible to manipulate. The face of the person being questioned can show Micro Expressions that they are not even aware of. 


In most cases when a person tries to conceal strong emotions e.g. anger, the expressions can make it evident for a fraction of a second that they may be lying or trying to mislead or deceive the listener.

It is the same with smiles.  Different muscles are used when you give someone a genuine happy smile opposed to a fake smile.


A Human Truth, Lie and Deception Detector detects lies in a different way compared to a Polygraph Machine or Digital Voice Stress Analysis. For example; a very slight hand or finger movement can give the person being questioned away that may otherwise have not been detected by a Polygraph machine or the Polygraph examiner. In the case that the person being questioned may have been silent during the slight hand movement the Digital Voice Stress Analysis will not detect any unusual behaviour either.


Although Polygraph tests are immensely accurate they do require compliance.  The person being interviewed needs to be connected with cables to a machine and that may cause discomfort and distress.  With Micro Expressions and Nonverbal Communication knowledge  you have a much more unobtrusive way to deal with lie detection.


The 2009/2010 Fox Hit TV Series Lie to Me was inspired by Micro Expressions and associated science.  


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MicroExpressions Course Subjects: 

(Applicable to the MicroExpressions Private Training Seminar & Self Study Course)

- MicroExpressions

- The 7 Universal Emotions

- Nonverbal Communication & New Body Language

- Deception Detection

Registration is now open for the Private Training Seminars as well as the Self Study Training Course. Read more >>> 

Deceptionoloy Course: Advanced Course. Click here >>>

Improve your People Reading skills and understanding of Human Emotions


Never be misled, deceived or lied to again.


In this course you will:


•  Learn more about Micro Expressions, and bodily gestures as well as their meanings.

•  Learn to know when someone may be lying to you during a conversation or job interview.

•  Learn to improve with reading and understanding people and their behaviour.  

•  Learn what facial expressions and body language can reveal.

•  Learn more about human emotions and the reasons behind them and much more.


Who should enroll for this course?


The course is suitable for everyone who employs or interacts with people on a daily or regular basis.  This includes small and medium business owners, managers, HR personnel, lawyers, supervisors, foremen, directors, managing partners of professional firms, franchise owners, psychologists, psychology / criminology students and any one who is interested or will find MicroExpressions useful.


Important information about this course:


•  Our 2018 Edition MicroExpressions Study Programme includes new and added information!


•  The Master of MicroExpressions Training DVD is available nowhere else in the world!


•  The Training DVD is regarded as the DVD with the highest standard in the world.


•  You will acquire skills in Micro Expressions, Nonverbal Communication, New Body Language & Deception Detection. 


•  You can attend a MicroExpressions private training seminar or complete the self study course.


•  Support is available to all students.


•  Sign up now and qualify for a FREE copy of the Masters of MicroExpressions Training DVD.


•  This course is certified, accredited and recognised by IMEXA.  www.imexa.org 


•  There is also the Interactive Facial Expression Online Training Tool with 3 Levels of Difficulty for you to test your newly acquired  skills. Free for all existing and new students - online and available 24/7!


Feel free to try out the Online Training Tool! It's great fun to use!  



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Course Descriptions:


Interactive MicroExpressions Online Training Tool

3 Levels of Difficulty to Test your newly acquired skills 24/7

Free for all existing and new students - Available Now!

MicroExpressions & Nonverbal Communication - Part I  (MEX.1)

MEX.1 Study Programme Entry Requirements:

Anyone may apply to enroll.


MEX.1 Study Programme Description:

In the MEX.1 study programme you will learn about Micro Expressions, the 7 Unversal Emotions, Nonverbal Communication & New Body Language.


The importance of understanding and correctly interpreting MicroExpressions and Nonverbal Communication can not be stressed enough.  It is by no means possible to immediately be accurate with truth, lie & deception detection without first understanding the basic fundamentals.


Being able to identify a MicroExpression does not mean that you will be able to correctly interpret if a person is busy lying, misleading or deceiving you.  They may be terrified just by the thought of being interviewed.  In this course the difference between lying about feelings and feelings about lying will be discussed for a greater understanding of the subject.  


People can show fear, but it can be the fear being caught when they did something wrong or the fear of being disbelieved when the person thinks he or she may not be believed. 


Misinterpretations may have devastating effects for the person being interviewed. 


It is never our aim to try and make it difficult for our students.  We however need to be sure that you have a good overall understanding of what you have learned.


We monitor and follow progress with all the students.  You are not just supplied with study material and left on your own.  Student support is available for all students.


MEX.1 Study Programme Difficulty and Duration:

The MEX.1 study programme is not difficult but may be intensive with regards to the amount of information.  It can be completed between 3 to 6 months depending on the student.  (Max. 24 Months.)


Upon successful completion of the study programme the student receives a Certificate of completion in Micro Expressions, The 7 Universal Emotions, Nonverbal Communication and New Body Language.


The student will also be granted access to Part II of the study Programme.  See below.


Deception Detection - Part II  (MEX.2)

With specialisation in Truth, Lie & Deception Detection. (Cert.MEX)

MEX.2 Study Programme Entry Requirements:

Successful completion of the MEX.1 study programme.


MEX.2 Study Programme Description:

In the MEX.2 study programme you will learn about Truth, Lie & Deception Detection and the different factors involved.


The different areas around Truth, Lie & Deception Detection will be covered.


MEX.2 Study Programme Difficulty and Duration:

The MEX.2 study programme is more intense with regards to the amount of information.  It can be completed between 3 to 6 months depending on the student.  (Max. 24 Months.)


MEX.2 includes a DVD's test where the student will have to analyze different performers to determine if they are answering in a truthfull manner or not. Here the student will have to rely intensively on MicroExpressions recognition techniques. Your study manual includes all the information you will need to make accurate conclusions. 


Upon successful completion of the study programmes (MEX.1 and MEX.2)  the student receives a Certificate of completion in MicroExpressions, The 7 Universal Emotions, Nonverbal Communication and New Body Language & Deception Detection. (Cert.MEX)


PLUS - Your First Year Membership to IMEXA as a Micro Expressionist Member FREE!

Micro Expressions & Nonverbal Communication

With specialisation in Truth, Lie & Deception Detection. (Cert.MEX)


Micro Expressions

The 7 and other Universal Emotions

Nonverbal Communication & New Body Language

Deception Detection


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Subjects Covered in the Micro Expressions Course  


MEX.1 Subjects

• What is Nonverbal Communication (Body Language)

• What is Micro Expressions

• What is Macro Expressions

• What is Illustrators

• What is Emblems

• What is Affect Displays

• What is Manipulators

• What is Regulators

• What is Micro Gestures

• The 7 Main Universal Human Emotions

• The Universal Facial Expressions of Surprise

• The Universal Facial Expressions of Fear

• The Universal Facial Expressions of Disgust & Contempt

• The Universal Facial Expressions of Anger

• The Universal Facial Expressions of Happiness

• The Universal Facial Expressions of Sadness

• The Muscles of the Human Face

• Congruence of Emotions and Facial Expressions

• Eye Contact

• Eye Movement

• Listening

• Real & Fake Smiles

• Closed & Open Body Language

• The use of Body Parts in Nonverbal Communication

• Body Language of the Hands

• Body Language of the Arms

• Body Language of the Upper body

• Body Language of the Feet

• Body Language of the Legs

• Body Language of the Lower body


MEX.2 Subjects

• What is said or not said

• What is Lying (Deception)

• Self Deception & Misinformation

• Lie detection - Digital Voice Stress Analysis

• Lie detection - Micro Expressions & Nonverbal Communication

• Why people Lie

• How people Lie

• Different types of Lies

• Why it is impossible to maintain Lying

• Good & Bad Liars & Lying Techniques

• Deflection

• Vagueness

• Projection

• Shame & Guilt

• Fear vs. Guilt

• Human Emotions

• Lying vs. Exaggeration

• Smiles whilst lying

• Know the Lie vs. Why the Lie

• How to detect lies

• Paralinguistics

• Baseline Behaviour

• How to determine Baseline Behaviour

• Example Questions to determine Baseline Behaviour

• Mistakes and Dangers in Wrongful Interpretation

• Why mistakes are made in Interpretation

• and more since this study programme is continuously revised and updated.


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Courses in:

Micro Expressions

The 7 Universal Emotions

Nonverbal Communication

Deception Detection

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Micro Expressions

Nonverbal Communication

Self Study Training Course

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Diploma in Deceptionology (Dip.Dec)



Diploma in:

Deceptionology (Dip.Dec)

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Certificate in:

Nonverbal Communication


Subjects include:

- Micro Expressions

- The 7 Universal Emotions

- The 7 Universal Facial Expressions

- Nonverbal Communication

- New Body Language

- Deception Detection

Available as a:

3 Day Seminar Read more >>>

Self Study Course Read more >>>

Master of

Micro Expressions

Training DVD's

Vol.1 & Vol.2

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Become a Nonverbal Communication IMEXA Accredited Trainer

Become a:

- Micro Expressions

- 7 Universal Emotions

- New Body Language

- Deception Detection

Nonverbal Communication

IMEXA Certified


(Week 1)

● 5 Days Live Training 


(Week 2)

● Self Preparation


(Week 3)

4 Days Live Practical


(Week 4)

● Online Exam

DVD Exam


Pass the Exams and

receive your


Nonverbal Communication TRAINER CERTIFICATION


The NVC Trainer Course

is presented by the only

IMEXA Certified


in the Southern Hemisphere.



Can be completed in 4 Weeks




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This is a great opportunity to start a new lucrative business and the time is right to train new trainers that can cover and present training in Nonverbal Communication courses all over the rest of South Africa.


IMEXA Certified Study Material and Study Aids will be supplied to you.


Backup Support from us

as well as your IMEXA recognised



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